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resume snapshotThis is an extract of my one-page resume that can be read in full (pdf) by clicking here: Resume 2015

Now… the CV! During my job hunting safari I never expected so much conflicting advice and so many different expectations. At times the comments about CVs have sounded like comments in a crowded hairdressing salon: Too long, I need it shorter – Too little, it needs more volume – More highlights required. I have to say, I was close to tearing my hair out!

So, here is one version of my CV; it will give you a very clear idea of what I have done and the level that I have worked at.

CV – Stu Vincent

If there are aspects that you would like to have more information about – ask me, I will be glad to respond. If you have a project which needs a team leader (or similar) then get in touch – let’s talk. As can be seen from The Old Dog Blog, I am keen to return to working and being productive, I am keen to use my team management skills again, I have a strong sense of customer service and delivering results and love a challenge.

So…before you move onto reading some of the recommendations that I have received:

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Part of the Old Dog Blog exercise is that I will be inviting people who have worked with me (in whatever capacity) to send recommendations to my LinkedIn profile or to me via the ‘Contact Me’ facility (which is in the top right-hand corner on every page on this website) or via my ‘There’s Life In the Old Dog Yet‘ Facebook page. I will then post some of the recommendations here so that prospective employers can see what colleagues and customers have thought of me.

Larry said:
Stu Vincent has served several years as a stage manager/emcee for Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion. He is a dedicated individual that is punctual, and has knowledge of the acts on his stage, courteous to performers and attendees and who doesn’t mind going the extra steps to see that both performers and attendees have a great time at the festival.

Larry Gorley
Former Music Committee Co-Chair
Bristol, Rhythm & Roots Reunion
Bristol, TN, VA

Here are two recommendations that arrived shortly after I published The Old Dog Blog.

Dan said:
“…you are conscientious, a capable organiser, a great communicator and able to manage multiple challenges under difficult circumstances. I am sure that you will bring this experience to manage a team and any organisation would benefit from your skills and drive”

Jay said:
“As a co-worker at The Bluegrass Mix I have found Stu to be very pleasant to work with. He can always be counted on to complete tasks on his own or with a group. He is dependable, always ready to go at the precise times required in radio broadcasting. He is always very well prepared, professional and someone all the rest of us can turn to for advise or assistance. Having Stu with The Bluegrass Mix simply stated makes it easier for everyone else on the staff here.”

Here are some of the recommendations that can be found on my LinkedIn profile – please visit LinkedIn and, if we have worked together, I would welcome you leaving a recommendation.

“Stuart has always been a person who gets the job done. He understands the brief quickly and handles tasks with a common sense approach to achieve the desired result efficiently and effectively, whilst maintaining a high degree of professionalism.”

“Stuart was responsible for a number of Technology related projects that affected the Sunday Times. They were always completed on time and on budget. He is a conscientious professional who takes responsibility and delivers to expectations.”

“Stuart is fantastic at combining his obvious technical abilities with his people skills, which can be a rare quality in highly technical individuals. He has a way of taking your layman requirements, turning them in to techie speak, resolving the issue and then feeding back to you in layman’s terms. Always a hugely beneficial quality to have in any team where not everyone is at the same level of technical expertise. An extremely productive individual, Stuart understands the requirement that everything is need by yesterday!”

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