Looking Down The Road

parkway fog (cropped)
Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

Here is an update that I have just posted on LinkedIn:

Well..the search for employment continues and, looking down the road, I am wondering which is the best way forward; I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

I had a break from IT and you can look at the Old Dog Blog on my website for more about this and while I still retain a lot of the technical support knowledge that I had,  I have retained ALL of my ability to work with a team whether this as a team member or a team leader; right now, I don’t mind which.

I have not lost the ability to coach and mentor team members. I have not lost the ability and determination to deliver a service (in whatever form) to meet and surpass service level agreements. I have not lost the ability to roll my sleeves up and work along side other team members. Yet the search for regular employment continues.

I have applied for team leader and team member roles yet whichever I apply for I am advised that I should have applied for the other. On countless occasions I have had favourable telephone interviews that then fade away once I prove that I am a UK citizen (and, oddly enough, that I am approaching 60 years old). Maybe I am limiting myself by saying that I want to work closer to home (16 years commuting into East London was enough for me!) but I am applying for all manner of positions that are ‘junior’ to by experience to ‘widen the net’.

So…what do I do? There’s life in The Old Dog yet but how do I, metaphorically, kick down those doors? Here’s a thought – feel free to comment on this update and share it as you will. If someone would like my CV then drop me a message either via LinkedIn or via my website – I anyone has, or knows of, a position that would suit my knowledge and experience, then get in touch. I am prepared to work on a probationary basis for a limited basis FOR FREE if that’s what it takes.

Any thoughts?

Yours…with retained humour and continuing optimism…Stu