HILLBILLY BOOGIE #193 – 8th February 2020 – Blues & Roots Radio & WBCM Radio Bristol

Michael Cleveland – Tall Fiddler

Possessed by Paul James – In The Dark Of Morning

Fierce Flowers – La Corde

Letitia Vansant – You Can’t Put Out My Fire

Miss Tess – If You Don’t Know How To Love Me

Nora Jane Struthers – I Feel Like My Old Self

Brooks Williams – Here Comes The Blues

Possessed by Paul James – Asleep With Both Eyes Open

The East Pointers – Pour Over

Vivian Leva – Cold Mountains

Carrie Rodriguez – Never Gonna Be Your Bride

The Buck Stops Here Band – Sugar Moon

Viper Central – Bloodvein Breakdown

Mark Johnson & Emory Lester – Forever True

John Prine – I’m Tellin’ You

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