HILLBILLY BOOGIE #226 – 30th October 2020 on WBCM Radio Bristol – 31st October 2020 on Blues & Roots Radio

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road – Boogie Grass Band
Tina Adair – Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses
Vera Van Heeringen – Mad Jack
Anya Hinkle – Hills Of Swannanoa
Louisa Branscomb – Story Night (w/John Cowan & Jim Hurst)
Darrell Scott – On Life’s Other Side
Kris Delmhorst – Flower Of Forgiveness
Jeremy Garrett – The World Keeps Turning Around
James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band – The Shape I’m In
Tenth Mountain Division – 9 to 5
Mike McClure – I Am Not Broken
The Marriage – Box And Burn It
Darrell Scott – Colorado

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