Running Tales by Step Forward With Lewis

I may have mentioned elsewhere that, at the beginning of the year (and at what some might consider to be an indecent hour on New Year’s Day) I started to take photographs for Northampton parkrun.

While at 64, I will never relive my ‘former glories’ including my PB for a half-marathon of 1:44, watching the runners made me yearn to try and run again. The parkrun organisation’s motto of Free, For Everyone, Forever tells you everything you need to know about this wonderfully encouraging and inclusive running organisation. The decision to try and run again was, in part, fuelled by the enthusiasm of one of the Run Directors, Michelle Lewis.

Always encouraging, supporting and advising runners of all levels of ability, Michelle’s love of running has continued unabated despite parkrun being suspended because of COVID; in addition to her spirit-lifting escapades in her home village, Michelle also has a group called Step Forward With Lewis with weekly socially-distanced training sessions to help keep fellow runners focused.

As if that wasn’t enough, Michelle also produces the excellent Running Tales podcast where she interviews runners of all abilities to bring their fascinating and inspiring tales to other runners or those interested in the sport.

I was delighted when Michelle asked me to take some photographs for her Step Forward With Lewis organisation.

For myself, I am following a course of rehabilitation for my wonky knee directed by The Back & Body Clinic in Northampton and aiming to get running for when parkrun resumes…maybe I will pass my camera to Michelle and ask her to capture me running gracefully*
* OK ‘gracefully’ may be being a little over-optimistic


Thank You to Michelle for asking me to take some photographs for Running Tales and Step Forward With Lewis; if you are interested in running regardless of whether you are an experienced runner, start running or (like me) wanting to return to running, follow the links below and learn more:

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Step Forward With Lewis (Facebook link)
Northampton parkrun (Facebook link)
Northampton parkrun (website)
parkrun (website)

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